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Wow I do not know what to say, I sincerely apologize. I guess my mind is not in reality and do not realize what is really going on in this small small world. Hey if you have the time to answer this question, why do you think Bush wants to start war with Iraq? Do you believe it IS actually for the security of the United States or is it because they want Sadaam to drop his status and elect a new presedent which would be the puppet of the United States. I honestly do not feel it is due to the oil as there are many other places in the world with an oil suppply...God bless you and if, by no means am I wishing on it, but if war does happen and you find yourself on the battle field may God bless you and I wish the best of luck. I just hope sadaam just gives up because personally I feel Bush will not give up and unecessary lives will be lost.

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