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Shaggybill..., Thanks man! We love to hear stuff like that.
Like I said before, it fuels our motivation in this s*** hole!

THEGIONO- I really dont know what to say?????????
I have never had to prove to someone that I am a Marine and I do not need to!
No, I am not an officer in the Marine Corps.
I am a noncommisioned officer( enlisted Marine).
Officers are not machine gunners or any other weapons marine
for that matter. They are platoon commanders, company commanders, battalion commanders, regimental commanders,
division commanders, marine expeditionary force commanders,
and then commandants of the marine corps. All that kind of s***! Officers just look over the units, its the enlisted Marines who make s*** happen.
Is it my bad mouth? All Marines, I say again, all Marines
have bad mouths. Yes, even the females. I dont know much about them because we dont have any in the infantry(grunts).
Dont worry about affending me! I dont get that way.
You have to have thick skin to be in the Corps, or else
everyone would eat you alive here. I know I might sound
immature, thats because when we have down time we are, but rest assured, when it is time to get the job done the world
can count on us. We hardly have any down time to ourself, so when we do we take the time to f*** around like we have no worries. When its time to work, you have Marines as young as 17
years old with an entire grunt company and sometimes more
lives in their hands. If that young private or private first class 0331 does not get that 240G up when the 0311's are maneuvering through the objective, an entire company of grunts
(roughly 170 infantry marines) will be taken out!
All it takes is a 1 second lull in machine gun fire to allow the enemy to gain fire superiority. Once that happens, its all over!
FIRE SUPERIORITY! Thats what wins fire fights.
The average life span of a machine gunner when a fire fight begins is 8... 8 seconds. Respect the lives of others?
My enemy? I respect their abilities, but not their life!
Being soft and emotional about s*** like that during a time of peace will cause you to break in the time of war.
I am a Corporal( non commisioned officer ), leader of Marines and going to be a Sergeant next month! Im pretty stoked about that!
I am confident in my young Marines and have no doubt that they
will do nothing short of phenominal during this s*** in Iraq.
They depend on me, I depend on them, its a team effort.
There is no individuals. You win as a team, you f*** up as a team!
If you still dont believe me, you can contact me by email-
RIOSJL@1MARDIVDF.USMC.MIL- That stands for, 1st Marine Division Division Forward.United States Marine Corps.Military

THEM AND US- No offence taken, no worries.
We train and fight for the PURSUIT of happiness. Yes, I am very happy at home with my snakes, but if the United States does not act against actions of foreign countries before they are made I will not be happy,
or anybody else for that matter. We cant lower our national security posture and allow them to f*** us up.
Its happened before and it does not need to happen again!
For everyone at, sleep well,
thanks again for your time.
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