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Smile What a nerve racking experience today was my fist everÖ

Conference on Varanidís, first let me say I have never attended any symposium or speech about reptiles, needless to say I hade absolutely no Idea what to say or do, so instead of thinking about it I opted not to do so until this morning.
I woke up totally relaxed until my wife said today is your conference on varanid honey, wow it hit me like a ton of bricks, I realised I was unprepared, not only did I didnít know what species to bring but also what equipment, rags to clean up shod they pupe, thermo gun to make sure temps are ok, gloves to show how responsible I am, spare pillow case just in case?, extra tie raps, and something to cut them with, gee I almost forget about the cutters until I imagined myself trying to slice a tie rap with my teeth in front of an audience. With everything well placed in a nice Styrofoam box with a heat pack, off to the slather house I go. I started by introducing myself, to my surprise everyone knew me and had much anticipation. After a 40 minutes introduction on monitor captive needs and the importance to establish breeding groups and extensive gene pools, I took a Microsticus out of the bag, moment of glory as I knew very well that non of the audience have ever seen one, as I displayed this unique lizard the room echoed with haa hoo wow! and I could here whisper obviously inquisitive minds exchanging secrets totís about this animal, then came what I feared most an avalanche of questions??? Much to my surprise many of witches I actually had good answers for. I canít put a 2hour conference in one single post, but all in all it was a pleasant experience with lots of exchange and new Ideas.

I whoíd like to express my most sincere appreciation to my daughterís kinder garden class for allowing me to share my passion with my love one on this father tell day.
Ps. no the teacher dint call in sick
Herpetoculture isnít an exact science!!
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