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I had a friend who was battling drug resistant coccidia, crypto, adenovirus and yellow fungus disease in a bearded dragon, and her vet consulted with Dr. Roger Klingenberg to devise a treatment regimen.

They were able to reduce the crypto to almost undetectable levels with aggressive use of Albon, smz-tmp and Baytril.

Unfortuanately, it wasn't enough to save Mickey, who died from complications from the adenovirus and yellow fungus disease. He probably would have lived had it not been for the other diseases. Then again, he may never have succumbed to crypto had he not had the other diseases first.

Anyhow, I guess my point is that combinations of anti-protozoal meds have been effective against crypto in the past, but only if used long-term and aggressively. There aren't many vets who seem to prescribe meds in combination. I wish further studies would be done.
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