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Thought it was Funny lol

A little guy is sitting in a bar one day, drinking his beer and minding his
own business. Suddenly a big guy walks in and BAM! - knocks him right off
his barstool. "That.was a karate chop from Korea," says the big guy,
grinning like an idiot.

The little guy gets up off the floor. He's not happy, but figures this guy
is just drunk so he gets back on the stool to finish his beer.

All of a sudden - BAM! - the big guy knocks him off his stool again.

"That was a judo chop from Japan!" says the big guy happily.

Well the little guy gets up and walks out. An hour later he comes back
into the bar, and sees the big guy sitting on HIS barstool. He walks up
behind him and BAM! - the little guy knocks the big guy off his stool.

"That" he yells to the whole bar, "was a Crowbar.from Canadian Tire!"

I just loved it so I thought I would share
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