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Definately echo the recommendation for Smiling Buddah in Calgary - excellent custom work. Don't know any comparable in Edmonton.

For pet stores - they are typical of any major city - high prices, small cages, typical selection - if there are specific things you are after then someone on the list might be able to set you up with something. There are quite a few breeders here that may have what you are looking for.

If you are browsing then there are 3-4 PJs Pets and SuperPet which is same company different name, with herps - usually cal kings, few corns, frogs, small lizards. There are Scales and Tails, upper level just off Whyte Ave and Koi Pet store which are small private shops that may have some different herps e.g. Louisiana milksnake, Florida kings, etc. but all are quite high in price. Also a nice place in Sherwood Park - Family Pets or something similar that has always had nice clean, appropriate set ups for their herps, but only leopard geckos, corns, and bearded dragons. Great Koi though!

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