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Comming to E-town eh?

SsnakesS member Damien Aube has a pet store down town called AK Exotics. Jasper Ave and somewhere near 120 street.

There is Superpet in Mayfield common. They have some reptiles and snakes that are kept in "so-so" conditions. I would stay away from PJ's Pets on Gateway Blvd. They have a lots of snakes and reptiles but they are kept in horrible conditions and it just makes me sad. I'm sure there are other stores around here that have reptiles as well.

They have reptiles and snakes at the Valley Zoo. It's been so long since I was there that I don't remember much about it.

You should go down to Whyte Ave in the Old Strathcona area. Lots of shopping durring the day and lots of bars at night. I got my tattoos in a shop down there called Shambahalla. There are a few other tat shops in the area as well.

Have fun
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