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Not sure if you were at the Leafs vs Panthers game or the dog races.. Belak landed the first 10 punches on Worrel who in turn landed 2.. Belak then returned with another 2. I have watched the fight 5 times now, so i have these stats down!!. As for the second fight, Green and Majesky, there were very few punches landed in this fight, maybe 2 each.. So i dont think anyone got the upper hand.. Third fight, Corson vs Lilja one sided fight with Corson feeding him rights.. LMAO Bure fighting.. Classic.. You're right, Florida loves the panthers, they show soo much support they show up to the games dressed as Empty seats.. It was sooo quiet there you could hear each person's individual conversations!! As for Florida beating the Leafs in 95/96 are you talking regular season or Playoffs?? The Leafs all time record vs Florida is 13-7-6-0 and they have never met in the playoffs.. Im not sure how many times they played FLA in 95/96, but im assuming it was two or three times (The never use to play them often) and one of those games ended in a 2-2 Tie.. wow, i know too much about the Leafs
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