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hmmm yea and the 95/96 season when we kicked the living **** out of the leafs... Weather1 Florida loves their panthers. Hockey is the greatest sport in the world (besides NHRL (National Hampster Racing League) And CONTRARY to what matt said.. the fights were won by florida EXCEPT for one fight... the second to last one.. the one before the fight where the benches almost cleared. I forget who it was. Maybe Kozlov? or Bure... hmmmm .. or Jokinen .. anyway yea.. there were so many fights.. DUde Worrel kicked that crap out of belak.. he was just standing there getting punched and then Belak ( i think) got him good in the eye and worrel went apeshit on him .. sorry dude Peter Worrell is one of the toughest in the league ..... So .. who's gonna be the first to mention to jeff that we need a hockey forum? LMFAO

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