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J-Riley-OK your are sort of right. the plan was called the Tanaka Plan. It itself was a plane to put basically all of Eastern Asia under THEIR control. But the Japanese themselves had other plans not exactly written in the Tanaka plan. Even you mention it. They agreed that they needed to get the United States to surrender. IN OTHER WORDS, in 12 months they wanted to have control over the United States ("control" in its lightest form"). Even more so, they were prepared to fight and take control of anyone else who tried to stop them. This is what I meat when I said they wanted to take over of the whole world. Not neccessarily occupy and destory, but to have control of. NOw I dont think there was a question as to whether we could defeat Japan or not, you said too. BUT there was still a question as to how long it could take and how many lives were at stake. They were never "really close" to defeating them. The biggest reason of all being, we simply needed to get on the island and there was no way we were prepared to do that. It would have taken serious time to do that. All I am saying is that we all knew that we could beat Japan, but we were never close to beating them until the bombs. And that was the poin I was trying to make to the other guy. The overall point being: He said there was no need to drop the nuclear bombs and I think both you and I agree that there was an absolute need, primarily to save lives.

BYt the way I hope you listened to Powell this morining and mabey that will change you mind a little. Bush, like Truman, is interested in saving lives. We dont get any of our oil from Iraq. If we really wanted to start a war just to get oil, we would go after Venezuela where we get it all anyway. No offense anybody, but they would be a whole lot easier than Iraq. If you still dont agree with this pending war, I hope Iraq gets one of thier unmanned jets and flys it over your neighborhood and sprays some toxin all over and mabey when you see all of you friends suffering and dying, you will say, mabey we should have taken these away from Saddam.

Sorry. I dont really want this to happen to you or any one else, but is that what it is going to take to get you to understand what were are really trying to do? I hope not.
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