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Matt dude i'm not lying i was going to make a sign that says "WWW.SSNAKESS.COM LOVES FLORIDA" .. but i'm going with my boss (as friends) but he's not crazy lol he's pretty straight forward... and canadian *evil grin* .. so i really couldn't do that.. it's bad enough i'm wearing a panther hat, and jersey .. cause he's all nonsports fanatic.. but he knew how much i love the panthers... and if the panthers win .. you all have to pitch in and buy me 2 crested geckos!!.. so lemme see... theres about 1,400 members... saying.. $$80 for the two... you do the math

P.S. Toronto citizens.. please don't be so hard on the maple leafs when they come home... there butts will be hurting as it is after the *** kicking they are about to endure!! MUAHAHAH!!!
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