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I think hobbiest and breeder can be interchangeable. When you're talking about more animals being produced, you can just say large scale breeder.

When I hear the term 'dealer' I usually think of a broker. Someone who, more often then not, does not produce their own animals.

I don't see the problem with websites, as long as they are completely honest. It often gives the seller a way to reach more customers. It gives the buyers a chances to possibly see the parent animals, look through animals for sale, and see information on the seller and their stock. (If the seller chose to include all that information.)
I think a website, as long as it is completely honest, is a useful tool for everyone from a small breeder/hobbiest to the largest broker/dealer/large scale breeder.

I'm a small scale breeder/hobbiest. I'm considering a small website for myself. I produce everything from normal leopard geckos to rarer cave geckos, and I still just make pocket change! I would hope having a well designed site to help my buyers wouldn't make me look like I'm 'trying to be some big shot.' At the very least, I would hope it would make things easier for me and my customers, and also hope that a well designed site would be fun for them to look through.

Also, I'd like to mention that I do not believe that a website changes the status of the breeder/hobbiest/whatever. It's not a status symbol, simply a useful tool. I know personally and know of people who produce many rare animals and do not have websites. This doesn't make them 'just a hobbiest'. I know small scale breeders or people not even breeding their animals who have websites...and it doesn't make them large scale breeders.
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