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That did bug me too. Not sure why it would not appear so I'll try to post it in a reply.

Here goes:
It all started back in the thread about the CBOI. My pet peeve in this whole thing we call the herpetoculture is that there seems to be no defining line between the hobbyist and the dealer/breeder. Is a breeder a dealer or a dealer a breeder? If someone breeds a few reptiles does that make him or her a breeder? How many do they have to breed to move from hobbyist to breeder? Do they change their own title? If someone has website is that when they leave the realm of hobbyist and become a dealer or breeder? I just think that John Doe who breeds a few snakes as part of his hobby should not be held to the same standards (what ever they may be) as the person who creates a website and has a company name. Someone else raised the point about whether or not these business fronts are paying their taxes. I wonder if they even have their business names registered. How does one open and run a business selling animals that some provincial governments have deemed as illegal because they are not native or classified as exotic. I guess Iím just tired of all the hypocrisy surrounding herpetoculture. Iím especially losing my patients with all the websites out there selling corns and balls. Not that these people donít have a right to create a website or to try and sell their snakes but I guess it just bugs me when I see Joe hobbyist trying to look like a big shot breeder or dealer. I too have aspirations of selling the offspring of the animals I breed but I doubt I will ever create a website or give myself a name. I know that for me it is a hobby and that I have no aspirations of trying to make any substantial money at this. I got into it for my love of reptiles and if I make enough to pay for things like new caging and other animals then Iíll be happy. I just donít ever want to be seen as someone trying to pass themselves off as something theyíre not. Finally I would like to end my rant by saying that I think too many people think they are going to make real money at this and in the end I have a suspicion that animals suffer.
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