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yeah I got ya man. I know about the retaliation and that's why I don't think anybody could find a better way to solve this problem. The best way would be to just have everyone be perfect which is impossible so really I don't know how to achieve peace. I Still do not support the war or bombing. George busch has been pressuring Canada and it's been our decision to join this war. By the way did any of the americans hear about the canadian soldiers who were killed by american bombers?I talked to many americans since this summer and no american had a clue of what I was talking about. I don't know if your gov'nt keeps that under wraps but that is a major decision in joining the USA to go fight against Iraq. I believe that it is the USA's responsibility and that if they want to get their noses into it they should do it themselves otherwise it's getting others involved and it makes more countries hate the countries in which are getting involved. If that made any sense then please say so.
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