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LoL Jerome no offense bud but he didn't appear to me as coming off harsh. Not at all. I think he made a strong point regarding anyone supporting "anti-war". I was going to say that myself in my previous post but thought it might stir up something, however it is absolutely true. People are going to die no matter what we do, if we stop them, then only the guilty will die, and the innocent will strive on. I do not feel he was cutting down anyone's opinions, just stating his.

But why not take him out and then his weapons later? Destroying the weapons includes destroying innocent people. Nobody can find the perfect way to prevent war and chaos but we can find a just way somehow.
Well have you ever thought that if we tried taking out Sadaam, and failed, the weapons he may or may not have may be used in retaliation? These are things you have to think about and I think Bush is going a great job of dealing with the situation. Also I may be wrong but I do not think they are killing anyone in the midst of destroying any weapons they may have? Also it takes two to tango. If we want to create peace the other party must as well, and apparantly peace is at the end of the list for terrorists and such individuals as Sadaam.

Again as you and many others have said, these are only opinions, so please do not take offense to them.
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