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I was just reading all these comments and I was just hopin that everybody realizes that these are just opinions. Lets discuss, not cut each others throats.

Anyways, I'd have to say that Bush rocks. He's right.

All the anti-war people complain that that innocents will die if we go to war. That argument is stupid. Innocents are going to die no matter what we do. If we fight a war, they will die, and if we let that idiot Saddam go, innocents will die, and in probably greater numbers.

What we have to decide is: Do we want innocents to die while we are fighting for the freedom of others? Or do we want them to die while we sit back and watch Saddam kill them with deadly gas and torture chambers?

Its a question of morals and principles.

Have you read any stories of some of those people who have escaped that country and his oppression and came to America. They torture children in front of their parents to get the parents to talk. Who knows what other horrors they face?

And you just wanna sit back and let him go? Thats insane!

C'mon people.

And its not all about the oil. Thats just something some freakin anti-Bush wacko thought of to make an argument against him. Maybe Bush just has a conscience. Ever thought of that?


Ho hum....this is my first post and I probably already have everybody hating me.

Oh well, I hope we can still be cool with each other.

What do ya wanna bet I can throw this football over them mountains?
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