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a few of our rescues

Here are a few animals we have rescued over the past year or so.
This is our bearded dragon who was in a pet shop all beaten up, he lost his front hand and half of his tail. He is doing great and has come a long way from when we first got him.

This is stumpy our veiled chameleon who had someone close the cage lid on her arm and it cut off the circulation to her hand. She was again in a pet store and was very young so she adapted well and you can't even notice it anymore. She is very mobile.

And finally our male borneo, he was just withering away because nobody new how to care for him at the same petstore...he was a fresh import and so we took him and a week later he was well established on live gerbils. He is super tame and very handlable and doing great.

Anyways thanks for looking
Jamie & Kory
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