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The Gino : in re-thinknig, its a catch 22. we want some proof or some initiative but then again is it safer to not know? the thing is , is that a person is smart. but people are stupid and panicky. it would be cold war era bunkers all over the place again.

Sir Hiss: I do read history and I particpate in discussions with others and what I have read and concluded to myself was as I already said. You agree. I disagree. Many World War 2 soldiers, teachers in school and politicians disagreed with those bombings. and many also agreed with them. we can not determine which way would have been correct as we do not know what the outcome would have been if other actions were taken. No one is to say which was the right way. and as long as there is someone to challenge the other there will be no certainties. whats done is done. I'm just saying i don't agree with what happened and you do and we both have our reasons and proofs. and thats great. healthy arguing. nothing better. it shows thought. and in this day and age we need more thinkers and less rock stars. althought rock stardom is appealing.
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