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Re: Monitor enclosure discussion thread

I am in the process of starting my savs new cage atm, his cage now is falling apart, the wood got broken a few months back on the btm , now its taking water in. I drew it up and priced out my stuff, the cage will be 8'x4'x4', sitting on top of a frame made from 12""x4" wood to make the sand/soil box, making it 5 feet total height. later perhaps i will add a a double 12"x4" frame making it 24" deep for the soil, but not right now. I plan to light it with UV light< even know i dont think i needs it, but i figure better safe than sorry,Ill add a few heat lights at different heights so he can pick what temp he wants to bask at. the wood is all 3/4 plywood, ill stain and clear coat the hell out of it making it water proof before i assemble it, so even the joints will be 100% sealed, their will be an inside frame made from 2"x2", im picking up the double pane house window this weekend, 6'x 3" slider, white frame almost new for half the price at some demolition resale place i found Im going to make it so the roof can be pulled off, ill just make a sub frame to site on the roo and slide between the walls on the top of the cage, so it cant be bumped and slide off, that way its easy to just jump in the cage to clean it, instead of haveing to crawl in the front and clean it on my hand and knees like i have to do now lol. the things we do for are pets eh :P oh and ill make sure to use something eco freindly for clear coat, and most likly seal the joints after with aquarium glue or somthing like that. Any tips would be nice while the cage is still on paper? :P
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