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In my somewhat limited experience to date with snakes, I have noticed that if my snakes are going to try and bite you it is after they have eaten their food. NOT before. I used to setup a feeding tank, under the same impression that there should be a feeding area and a living area. But then you have to move them back to their living area. It is when you try to move them back to the living area, is when they get excited. The three that I have limited experience with, all have shown this trait right after the first pinkie is in the belly.

It stands to reason that after a big meal, they will be a little pissy and not want to be handled. For this reason, I have simply laid out a sheet of paper towel in the bottom of the cage (to help keep the substrate out of their mouths and then put their food on a plate (one plate per snake, not shared ). Remove when they are done and there is no stress. As a matter of fact, I find that 1/2 hour after feeding, all my babies seem to love having their lower jaw aggression, no biting attempts, no fleeting action. I discovered this approach while surfing and this is the way I will keep doing it from now on.

I can see the point of a feeding box if you have a shy baby, but I am lucky and I don't see this trait in anyone of my girls. I enjoy watching them feed particularly the Desert. She just hasn't figured it out , that they go down easier, head end first. NO she will always take it butt end first. Funny watching her go through the motions of cramming her food.. Even when the food is presented to her by dangling it head down, she will grab it then release it, swing it into "position" and then start cramming. Go figure

I also take the approach of washing my hands between ANY and ALL snake and snake food handlings, it's just common sense. I am also going to adopt the approach of just leaving them alone for two days after feeding before handling them. Give their food time to digest (Again what I have read...opinions on this issue would be interesting..what do others do). I know that this is particularly important with the big snakes but how about the Kings,corns and milks?

There ya "qualified opinion"

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