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Jeff, Laurryn, Linds, Jason H, Dom and Shane (and others) you guys are doing a great job. On behalf of the majority of the ssnakess communitty ignore the fools that have nothing better to do then stir the pot.

Your efforts are noticed by the keepers that are in this hobby for the long haul. I am confident your effort will be supported Jeff through the many different growth pains that all projects endure in the first few years. This site has come along way it has truthfully become the central point compared to most other reptile related sites online. Most of the regular providers (sorry not all, some have hidden agendas) are honest and knowledgable keepers that are willing to offer their experiences. Their input is always great to read and archive for future support.

Keep up the great work and never forget to smile.

Grant Crossman
If everyone could just get along this world would be better for all living things.

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