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Hello Ryan,

Attempting to change a by-law is a chore that many have attempted and many have failed it takes a lot of work and careful planning. In the political world regulations (by-laws) do not change over night. In the usual time period you can expect it to take years. Myself, Steve marks and Dom Clarke worked hard heading up a team of individuals and groups in re-working the Toronto by-law. It was no easy task and it took a tonne of money, time and creditability to do it. Politicians are sadly, people that rarely like the word "change".In the back of their mind their concern is always liablity. Their concern is for the voters that do not like reptiles and yes sadly you will have to admit there are still more reptile non-likers then there are people that like reptiles. And then there are people that pre-tend to like the reptiles but are really animal rights activists looking for the reasons to create even larger province wide prohibitions by playing undercover investigator to dig up bias individuals to use for their fight against the privelage of keeping reptiles.

So all in all I wont keep going because truthfully I could write a book on my experiences with the past adventures I have had attempting to make changes in various cities. In short just take your time plan out the date line you would like to see specific goals achieved by and dont be discouraged.

Good luck and if you would like to email me or drop by I would be happy to give you some idea or tips on where to start.

Grant Crossman
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