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Concerningt the nuclear bombs. I was very necessary to drop the bombs. Like I said the Japanese plan, for which I forget the name but could find it if you wanted me to, was to take over the whole world. Their soldiers would NEVER give up. They made an oath to kill themselves before they did anything against this plan. In ordre for us to defeat Japan we would have had to invade the island. Our military geneals estimated the U.S. would lose over a million lives in order to get n the island. That did not inlude all of the Japanese lives which would have to be close to that number. It was absolutlely imparative the we drop the bombs. Be glad that we had them and that our Presisdent was strong enough to order it done. But please don't get me wrong. I don't support the killing of anyone not even our enemies. I would have a very hard time making the decision that Truman made. But presented with the facts above, I would have t agree with what he did, whether I like killing or not. And by the way we were hardly close to winning the war. It has been said that we have always been taught that we were really winning against Japan, but as mentioned in this thread we cannot always trust in what the government tells us. And trust me no person would drop these bombs on Japan if we were so close to winning. Further more they would not do it to show the world what we had. Truman would have just invited them to New Mexico to do that. Read history and you will see that we were never really close to beating Japan.
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