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You want others to treat you with respect yet you say things like this?

Originally posted by tHeGiNo
And again, if you would just take the damn time to READ WHAT I SAID you would see I apologized for stating exactly what others have said. I realize what I did wrong and I apologized, however for the 25th time I SAID IT SO PEOPLE COULD CONTRADICT WHAT OTHERS HAD SAID. Dammit, people, seriously. I am not going to write another word on this and I hope it gets closed soon.
Notice the end where you say you're not going to write another word on this, yet you're still posting. Put a sock in it already, leave it alone and stop flooding the forum.

I haven't been a member here as long as some of you, but from what i have seen, this is a very tight knit community, everyone seems to work very hard to make it all work. I dont personally know Jeff, or anyone else on this site for that matter, but everyone seems to treat everyone very well with a few exceptions, which will happen no matter where you go. Maybe instead of looking for arguments you could put more of your time here in a more positive manner "TheGino".. I leave with your wonderful words, just incase you decide to say you weren't looking for an argument.

Hehe I am glad there are people like you so I can have things to argue about. A good old argue is healthy now and then, gets the mind thinking.
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