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LOL before anything else starts would you please delete this. However I will not go without saying the following: Mister Sinister, all I wanted was to find out a little bit of info before I spent some money. What in the world is wrong with that. Most of the people who posted on this thread do not even know what happened, so they shouldn't be accusing me of anything or making judgements. Stupid remarks? I do not think so, I was defending myself would be more like it. And it really shows how much you know. It is not coming back? It was just added take a look at the main page or the forum. I do not know you and I do not think it is fair that you call me a "simpleton" or get a bad impression on myself due to this thread. If you would notice, I was stating a healthy opinion that the laws were not fair, then stated I would donate money to the site. What did I do wrong, please let me know. Then I get accused by Linds of slander. I WAS JUST TRYING TO GET OPINIONS. I didn't know it would cause any harm, I wasn't thinking when I typed it. I then tried to explain myself. And I thought I did. Shane Tesser then posted about the workload on ssnakess. Again I offered to help. I then reflected on Beths post, and how what she was saying was wrong. If you may sinister, explain how they are stupid. I would like to say much much more but I wish to end this war. Thank you very much. However, "stupid remarks" "simpletons" I think you need to get your facts straight. I have done nothing worth being kicked. You do not even know what happened. I understand what your trying to do, defend the minority, but please again before you make rude comments to myself or anyone else get your facts straight please.
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