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Hehe I am glad there are people like you so I can have things to argue about. A good old argue is healthy now and then, gets the mind thinking. Alright well lets see, you said:

Personally Gino when I make a big purchase I don't come on here stating something negative that someone else said. I do MY own research and make MY own conclusion, if you heard something bad with somebody then don't deal with them. But try to make your own conclusion, someone before you could have been one of those people who just can't be pleased or jeliousy could come into play. Talk to mike vince, e-mail him and establish a repore with him and see how things work out...don't come here and air SOMEONE ELSES dirty loundry.
Well sometimes I really really wonder whether people think about what they are typing, or if they just let their fingers press the buttons. Aren't we a community here? What do communities do? WE HELP EACHOTHER. I thought I could come to "this wonderful community where everybody is so nice and helpful" to get a little advice, but apparantly not! I was doing my research. I was researching if he had a good rep or not. However you said it yourself, some people just say negative things directed at an individual for revenge or to spite them, possibly from jealousy. That is why I can here to seek out others opinions. Again think about what you are writing before you write, you contradicted yourself. First you say if I hear something bad about someone, then don't deal with them. Then you say some people say bad things about others due to jealousy. So how fair is it that the breeder looses a customer because someone stated false facts. I was hoping I could come here and weigh out the good and the bad and decifer a decision from there. Also why the hell would I e-mail Vince first, what am I going to say: "Hey there Vince, how is it going. I was wondering whether you had a good reputation or not. I was also wondering if you keep your animals in good condition and if you have ever ripped anyone off" Ya, that makes a WHOLE lot of sense. Also no one is taking the site "for advantage." Please explain how anyone is taking the site for advantage. It is here as an informational resource isnt it? And that is exactly what I was trying to use it for. AGAIN this is getting me real mad so let me say it ONE MORE TIME. EVERYTHING I SAID WAS NOT DIRECTED AT JEFF OR SSNAKESS AT ALL, IT WAS DIRECTED AT THE SUBJECT ITSELF WHATEVER THAT MAY BE!! Please stop focusing on how good of people Jeff and the rest of the staff are at ssnakess, we all know what they are doing for us and the great people they are. Please think of what you are accussing me of, all I was saying in the last post is that it is not fair that ssnakess should be blamed. I just feel if someone conducts in bad business practices, then the actions that follow that are deserved! END OF STORY! Now please, stop this.
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