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Jeff and Shane, you guys are totally right. I don't understand how people can argue that we NEED a CBOI, it was abused then and will be abused if it is reintroduced and we all know it. It was always "I heard" or "she said" and that goes back to the telephone game where yes the truth does get distorted from one person to the next. Jeff does a great job and I would never argue any of his decisions, he puts in the hours and effort and deals with everyones crap to give us a great friendly site. I am glad Jeff and Shane both came out and told us 1400 members how it really is, in real life Jeff is supporting everything about this site both finacially and running a good canadian site. Seriously it is time to step up as a community and help take some of the workload off these few people like Jeff and Shane and a few others out there...we tend to take free sites (like this one)for granted and I could only imagine how far the couple $$ a month would go if even 25% of us chipped in. Ever since I have been here the site has done nothing but improve and I can't say enough good things about Jeff, Shane and all the Mods and members who make this place what it is. I could only imagine how much work has gone into this community. This thread has opened my eyes and hope it might open some more. Just had to let these guys know they are going a good job...seems they are always defending themselves or taking slack from us...WHY?
Personally Gino when I make a big purchase I don't come on here stating something negative that someone else said. I do MY own research and make MY own conclusion, if you heard something bad with somebody then don't deal with them. But try to make your own conclusion, someone before you could have been one of those people who just can't be pleased or jeliousy could come into play. Talk to mike vince, e-mail him and establish a repore with him and see how things work out...don't come here and air SOMEONE ELSES dirty loundry. The reason your thread was taken out and not coreys it is because Corey got ripped off from the dealer directly and you heard about someone who had a negative expereince. I have heard more bad stuff anout Corey Woods but I think he would be the last person to rip anybody off, he has specific terms and has the right to choose who he deals with...the buyer doesn't have the right to buy a snake off him and then that is followed with a negative post about Mr Woods.

Again this is why we don't have a CBOI and this thread which was about the site is now turning into why the CBOI is gone...a hissy fit. WHO CARES how the law works...Jeff fixed it to PROTECT the site. If you can't handle it go somewhere else...I remeber that last guy who made a big goodbye because we took away his "freedom of speech" but really put that to the test and try to threaten a judge or say "I have a bomb" in a airport. What are you gonna say we have lost our freedom of speach? People have to regulate what is said and I am 100% behind and there desicions

Again the thread is not focusing on the good of the site but the furthest thing from it. Keep up the good work
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