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I Agree and disagree with you Beth.

The BOI is good, but as you said with so little herpers in Canada there is room for improvement, you cannot just pass judgement on your first impression, I even admit to being guilty of that.

I think it's good however, to allow people to make their own assumptions. I feel the BOI shouldn't just be about good posts, it should be about bad ones too. It's up to the business to contact their angry parties, and find out why, in order to improve their ethics. I personally would want the raw truth about why my client was so angry, rather than pleading ignorance and continuing.
it's up too the client wether or not they go back, and its up to the reader to make their decision based on the posts they read. (and the posts would be gone if most of the distributors who had bad remarks made contacted the annoyed parties to see how they could improve their views on them.)

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