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Alot of people seem to jump and say slander for everything. I didnt see any slander in gino's post.. He asked for clarification of what he was told. And how his current situation was relating to the ones hes heard. I didnt see any slander there. If someone runs a business theres very little chance of leaving a positive impression on every single customer. Its business, not everyone is going to love you. I think people on this board need to realise this before jumping to conclusions.

Like my posts about port credit. I didnt even jump to any conclusions, i just said my experiences, and TRIED to change the subject by asking for some positivity instead of all the negative responses, but people like to cut throats on this board it seems. And all i see is that happening again, with this new inquiry board.

You cannot eliminate the arguement aspect from a discussion, not everybody has the same opinions, and with as many users that do post here not everyone will have the same opinion.

So before expecting everyone who posts here (iam not referring to you Jeff, you have legalities to deal with) But to the others who do post here, just any user.. Try to think it through. Everyone seems to think people are personally attacking others, when in reality maybe these things really did happen, and why should they go ignored?

And for the record, Mike Vince has good animals! and iam sure Grant does too, We all love animals, and we all have our experiences not everyone else has gone through!! so stop the stupidity. is offline