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Ok before I say anything, let me make sure all of you understand this, read carefully now: EVERYTHING I AM ABOUT TO SAY IS NOT DIRECTED AT SSNAKESS, IT IS DIRECTED AT THE LAWS Make sure your understand that before going on. Alright, so you said the following:

As for the cboi, yes, the fact that we provide the medium for you to "inquire" or as Linds put, create "heresay" for, or about someone makes the site directly liable, and can be named in a lawsuit, welcome to reality, that is how it works.
Alright, so in saying this, your telling me that (this is a fictional character) Bob Doodlehopper can sue the City of Toronto because they gave me the medium to tell someone at the bus stop that Bob Doodlehopper keeps his animals in poor conditions? Or on smaller notes: I am at Tim Hortons, and I am sitting with a friend. I tell him that Bob Doodlehopper conducts himself in bad business practices. Bob Doodlehopper can now sue Tim Hortons for giving me the medium to say that. Or, and finally, I am now at a friends house. I tell her that Bob Doodlehopper is known to screw people over, and that she shouldn't refer to him for snakes. Now Bob Doodlehopper can sue my friend because she gave me the means to say that? Now reading what I said, I know what at least one of you will say. Posting it here is saying it to many people. So now let me provide you with one more example. I spray paint on the side of a huge building the following: BOB DOODLEHOPPER TREATS HIS ANIMALS POORLY, AND MAKES A BUSINESS OUT OF SCREWING PEOPLE OVER. Bob Doodlehopper can now suethe city of Toronto for posting that? That is a crock of BS. Now before any of you post a reply make sure you read this, AGAIN: THIS WAS DIRECTED AT THE LAWS AND NOT SSNAKESS.

Now, I would be more then happy to donate five bucks a month, PM me with more info. As for working on the site, three hours a day. Well I am a webdesigner and would be more then happy then to assist you wherever possible. As for editing the hundreds of pictures of the show, I can do that too! If you every need my help let me know. So that can take a burden off your load, now what? Take this into consideration, and thank you for your time.
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