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I am not one to butt into things by nature but now I will....This is Canada, not UK or USA. Jeff has done something special here, for US, the herpers in Canada and surrounding countries. Jeff pulled the BOI for financial reasons, due to legal reasons. I think that each and everyone of US would have done the same thing.
Honestly people, there is no need for a BOI, not for the small amount of herpers there are in this country. Heck, by word of mouth alone is enough to know the good, the bad, and the ugly on each and every one of us. I have heard enough 'hear say' without the BOI to know who is doing what, and the size of underwear to buy. This community of people is quite close knit, and it seems that if there is a bad apple on the tree, everyone is already aware of it. We all know who to be aware of, and who to go to for what. And if we don't, we know who to go to that will. The BOI when it was on this site, was nothing more than a kleenex box in action. People were posting garbage to vent for the silliest of things, nothing pertaining to reptiles on most occasions. People were crying the blues for someone not selling snakes to them, or the lizard was missing a scale. Come off it people. Jeff is not a babysitter, nor should he have to pay the daycare fees. The breeders that are out to screw someone, are already burning thier candles at both ends, and we are all aware of these breeders. Those who are reputable and have something good going for them, have enough people posting pictures and ideas on here to benefit all of us, and to me, this is better than hear say anyday. Seeing the 'facts' and how pleased people have been with thier purchases is advertising in itself.
I am sorry if this has angered some of you, but come off it. We are all adults, and this is not a play ground. People with the 'bad reps' have done this to themselves 'without' the help of a BOI.
As for Jeff and the moderators that monitor this site, thank you for creating this site, as it has sprouted into somewhere positive to visit, and with the number of new visitors, the numbers speak for themselves. You are doing a fine job, and keep up the good work.
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