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Out of curiosity, my boyfriend works in the computer industry....with exact the situation you have here, servers.

About the viruses....I don't understand why you guys are having even one problem with them? If its a virus on the server your website is hosted on then there is nothing Jeff can personally do unless he is serve admin,,,,,,(if its a microsoft server) but the server admin should be able to 100% keep the server free of any virus and if he can't he doesn't know enough about being a server admin....(no offense)

If he is getting these viruses at him home computer than isn't Norton taking care of them ? There are a couple of virus's that will disable a anti-virus program (Klez and Circam and a couple others) but those can be taken care of by downloading a simple removal tool......usually at They are virus specific.

Sorry but my boyfriend was just curious as to why he should ever get a virus on a server...because as he takes care of servers, he totally locks his down and has never had a virus. ????

My boyfriend says if you guys have further trouble with the servers getting viruses he will be more than happy to help as he does work with a *very* well known internet company here in Ontario as a Network Service specialist.

P.S. If you guys would be interested in running a LInux or Unix server, you would have less problems. And these programs are free.
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