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Snakey Acres...Thank you first off, i believe you would just have to go to and open an account, it is free to do so. Its members like you that will help keep us going, and keep this site free.

First off, i would like to thank all the people that have given, i think that got a little bit left out, there has been members who have, you know who you are, and we really appreciate your efforts.

As for the cboi, yes, the fact that we provide the medium for you to "inquire" or as Linds put, create "heresay" for, or about someone makes the site directly liable, and can be named in a lawsuit, welcome to reality, that is how it works.

Related to that...i was just wondering where ppl would think legal representation costs would come from to defend the site as is? I can tell you legal matter, say goodbye to the site. If you still think this is undesirable, please contact me yourself, i would be more than happy to have our site lawyers contact you to draw up documentations to have the cboi re-opened and put directly in your name. Then you can have the lawyers call you, you can give statements, you can hear the threats, and you can police the threads for yourself

Jeff has mentioned that the cost for the server outcosts the price of actual credits we get each month, but that is only the tip of the iceburg. I would like to give somemore if i could

To date, from protecting his own site, protecting members, the jealousy of others etc..jeff has been given virus's that have completely wiped out his hard drive. The cost varies virus to virus, sometimes its only one or two programs, other times it has been the entire hard drive, either way, it is very costly. I think ppl forget about the man hours in total. A site like this takes Jeff two-three hours a day...thats on top of his full time job. And that time, is only time to work on the site, upgrades etc. Now factor in, the fifty plus emails he gets. Emails he doesnt need to have, do you post a picture (when the answers are in the forum), and anyone who ever has sent one of those mails knows that Jeff responds....that takes up more of his time. So factor in your daily routine, and see if you could afford that many hours programming? The shows, we get there...we have a booth, we meet and greet our community with plans to take the show further on the road to meet more we always strive to give something to members when we see them, again where does that cost come from....i can tell you as i have paid for members gifts several times myself. We would like to hit the u.s. shows, more Canadian shows, Calgary, Ottawa, etc, again..those trips come out of our pockets. When we take the pictures of the shows and edit them, the ones that everyone loves, it takes roughly six hours for me to do so, but i do it cause i know ppl love it...that is labour that i only have to do once every three months, i cant imagine doing that every couple of days as jeff does.

Recently i put a post up about what to do with our first anniversary, and within a couple of weeks i had to put it down, why...because to be honest all i saw was post about prizes we should give, parties we should throw, and generally, give, give, give, i hope everyone can understand now why none of this will happen. I have tried....tried to get t-shirts made, jackets, hats...ANYTHING!!!, but guess what...we cannot afford it.

Many ppl now are starting to take advantage of the on-line store...again...look at the cheap prices...this should show you that this is to support the community, not to become are we so bad in doing so?

To top it off, we have done more recent new chat server that can handle the amount of ppl that now enjoy it....yes the server is free..but there is still a time factor involved in doing the change over..and i can tell you, it has gone incredibly smooth. Not to mention the amount of hours that myself, Trace, Daan, Matt, and Jeff put into that chat to make sure everyone is comfortable, not bothered by outside ppl, and given a pleasurable experience there in general.

I am going to leave this thread as is..i will leave a couple of key thoughts before i do so...they are: How many other sites have this many Free perks, how many others upgrade as ofthen, how many others have such a user friendly site, how many others give such an incredible chat room...that has actual ppl using it. How many others have the actual webmaster go to the shows to greet ppl, how many will let you talk to the webmaster directly about concerns, and to top it all reality, how many others would give out over $400 canadian a month for ppl who they really dont know outside of the site, to have a place to go to each and everyday, and be actively apart of his own site everyday. I think it may be time to give back....please remember that next time you buy a cup of coffee for 1.25, remember what a dollar could do for your community..while he can still afford to have it! Shane.
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