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Also there is one more thing I have to say, everything the first poster said:

I was reading the post from tHe GiNo --Why was my post deleted? I never got a chance to read it the original post before it was deleted. My question is since sSnakeSs no longer has the CBOI where do we go to inquire about a person/business? If you had a bad dealing with a person/business would it not be the thing to do to let other people in the herp community know what happened to you? This way you give the "heads up" to your fellow herpers if they choose to do business with that person. I think having the CBOI just might keep people a little more honest and up front when doing business. If the person/business feels he/they did nothing-wrong then he/they can reply and give their side of the story, because we all know there are two sides to every story. Just the same if someone is honest and up front it should also be told. Again as part of this herping community I think we should be there for each other as friends are. Another thing if a post starts an argument so be it, just like T.V. if you don't like the show change the channel (if you don't like the topic don't read the post.) I've notice since there is no CBOI there has been a lot of new unknown dealers coming on board. Is it a question of legality that you no longer have CBOI? How can sSnakeSs get into any legal trouble when someone states their opinion and signs their name to the statement?
Well freakin said....I also want to add that if an individual conducts himself/herself in bad business practices, then he/she deserves what comes to them: [B]A BAD REP[B/]. We are in a world of opinions and I think we have the right to state them. What ever happened to freedom of speech?

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