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There is a fine line between slander and libel. tHe GiNo's post initial thread didn't state any facts, but all sorts of heresay - saying you heard someone is a bad person in general, and bad in business, is considered slander. He said she said is not factual evidence, it is gossip/rumour. It is fine to post an inquiry about someone, just please be careful. I mean, if you are looking for info on a Canadian breeder/business you can't really go to the BOI looking for answers, but when writing posts take into consideration the and any legality issues Jeff works very hard to keep up happy, we don't want to cause him any headaches
My lord lol I had no idea so many people would take this negatively. I posted what others had said so that people can contradict what others had said and say NOT ONLY IS HE A REPUTABLE BREEDER, BUT WOW YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE CONDITION THE ANIMAL WAS IN. You know what I mean? And again, if someone screws someone over, I think that person has the right to tell the whole world don't you think! I just thought I could find out some damn information before I go pay 1200 dollars. Also I had no clue about the lawsuit that had almost occurred but again I think that is bullcrap. As long as the statements are true I do not see why you can't say it. Howver I now know the consequences of doing so and I apologize so please get off my throat. Sheesh....
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