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people are stupid if they think that the gov't tells us everything. we do NOT know even HALF of what goes on and anyone who thinks we do is terribly naive. we cannot stop war. what we need to do is pray to our various gods that our leaders will do the right thing for ALL people involved, for all the years to come. whether we think that is the right thing or not, like when you are a child and you dont know why your mom or dad wont let you do something. it seems dumb and unfair but when we grow up and know what they know we understand.
That was a very good point, and got me thinking. I really do not want to get involved in this, but I will say I support Bush. I mean she made a very good point when she said that the gov. doesnt tell us everything, and that may say it all. For all we know, Iraq could have been planning a nuclear attack. If the gov. had told us this, we would all be flipping out wouldn't we? That is all as I do not want to start anything
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