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Whether I think Bush is smart or not... I think he is book smart not street smart. "Most of our imports come from other countries"

Do I think we should spank Iraq? Yes. He has had ample opportunity to come clean and behave. He chose to toy with a dog that obviously wants at him so now he is going to get bitten.

Do I think Canada should be backing the rest of the countries in all this? Yes. They would all likely be backing us had we decided to get into a fight.

I think Hussein is both crazy enough and stupid enough to try and launch some kind of attack on someone. Is it the states? Nah! Its the other American State called Isreal that is in danger. The Americans have held them under their wing for a long time so the Arab nation associates them as one and the same now.

My personal thoughts are that weapons arent the only reason Bush wants in there... thats a front because Iraq has a LOT of oil (something I think we can all commonly gripe about the price of)
Bush knows economics therefore he knows that high oil prices= slow economy.

I would be interested in hearing what a soldier thinks of all this rather than the rest of us that hide behind them and gripe.
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