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just some of my thoughts...

if you are into the bible: when all the world turns against Israel, that is when the world will come to an end. america has been one of the very few countries on the side of israel for ages. therefore people who believe this would want us to whatever we can to stay on the side of israel and this war isnt as simple as everyone is making it seem. it isnt just about weapons inspection, it is about too many things for me to list on here before i have to go.

also, whether i felt that a war was right or wrong i would NEVER protest it. does anyone know personally a vietnam vet? i do, three uncles and my father in law. they came back here messed up so f****n bad, and the entire country treated them like it was THEIR fault. they did not want to go. but they were there, and people over here who didnt go were sending them a hopeless message, like what were they there for? what were they dying for? instead of jumping on a bandwagon of protest, we need to stand up and say "we support our troups!" "we support all the soldiers doing their duty!" THAT is what needs to be said.

the soldiers themselves got on TV after desert storm, and i realize a LOT of the people here are a lot younger than i am and dont remember desert storm as clearly. my cousin was over there and one of the last ones to be brought back. these soldiers got on TV and SAID, all your protests make us feel hopeless. no one wants war. that doesnt need to be debated.

people are stupid if they think that the gov't tells us everything. we do NOT know even HALF of what goes on and anyone who thinks we do is terribly naive. we cannot stop war. what we need to do is pray to our various gods that our leaders will do the right thing for ALL people involved, for all the years to come. whether we think that is the right thing or not, like when you are a child and you dont know why your mom or dad wont let you do something. it seems dumb and unfair but when we grow up and know what they know we understand.

We will never know what our leaders know. that is all for the best. we just have to pray for the troups, support them, and hope that the leaders know what they are doing. some situations have no right or wrong. we just have to hope that they will do things in the BEST of the evils that are available to them.
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