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Thank you Jay! I have went over this many times and the above post explained it perfectly. Our server bill is $250USD and this site has only made more then 250USD 3 months of 12 it has been opened. I am paying for this site out of my pocket each and every month, and with next to no money coming in I cant and am not willing to pay for lawyers fees or deal with the headaches to top it all off. If and when the site actually brings in enough money where i could cover these costs then i would have no problem reinstating the CBOI. Some people may think that i am making money off of the site, because queensnake makes ALOT of money, but i am not charging for anything, and there are next to no donations and rarely does someone ever sign up for photo hosting. We have a few banner customers but those were yearly subscriptions and that money is long spent on server bills not to mention the hundreds of USD spent on the software that is run on the site. I am not complaining i am just saying if you guys want "your" community to progress then i suggest you start buying photo hositng or making donations because this community of 1400 members doesnt even give back enough to pay for the server bills. Its really at the point where if we dont get support from the community members then will have no choice but to start charging for classifieds etc, the more member who join the more bandwidth / space is used and then our server will have to upgraded yet again. I started the site on a $29.99USD hosting account and over the last year i have had to upgrade to a dedicated unix box, which is costing me $250USD a month to keep speeds up and for you guys to enjoy the community. Maybe its time for the community to give back. I dont like posting messages like this but i have went over this numorous times and i have seen in teh chat people talking about how much money the site must be making. But the reality of it is, what the site is creating is debt, and it really hurts to see people saying that i am getting rich of of it when the truth of it is, its taking a loss. is offline  
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