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when the cboi was here jeff had been contacted by many lawyers threatening to sue because someone got slandered here, jeff runs this site at like 250 usd per month with very little outside funds and really cant afford lawyers fees court costs etc. on top of that,plus many of the posts that go on there end up being pulled off because it turns into a fight with ppl swearing and flaming each other, yea this site is for the betterment of the comunity but in a positive way we dont like to see the members start an all out war because someone got a skinny bp from joe blow because those type of arguements not only stay in the boi but tend to bleed out into the other forums where we try are hardest to keep it friendly and fun for everyone,thus the post furtherdown about NO Negative posts and no slandering and i believe GiNos post bordered on slanderis so that is why it was removed,I hope everyone understands this rambling and we can all move on to enjoy the forums we have and not worry about the ones we dont there are many boi sites out there if you need to make an inquiry that hve the funds to pay the legal costs.
so injoy, be happy ,have fun!!!!!
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