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Sir Hiss
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Ok there are some things wrong here. Since when would we represent the Jews if we compared todays conflicts with WW2? The Jews, then, would represent today's terrorized Iraqi people. What happened? The U.S. took control and stopped the genocide of the Jews in WW2 and likewise we should put a stop to the terror Iraq uses today. Even more so we could look at Japan. they, for your information, were far more harsh than the Germans were. Read about it. It was their plan to take over the world. The civilians whom the Japanese were killing could do nothing. It was only stopped when the U.S. was brought into it. And in both of these cases the ONLY thing that kept these countries from getting what they wanted was the U.S.. If you do not agree with this then you must be supporting what they did and what Iraq is doing now. Your comparison make no sense. Then you asked since when did dropping bombs create world peace. Well lets see. It took a lot of dropping bombs to stop Germany, and it took even bigger bombs to stop the Japanese. Because we dropped bombs on both of those countries and continued to do so, it finally ended the war and created peace. So it's not hard to see how dropping bomb can and has be proven to create peace. Both of you claims are bogus. Get over it or move to Iraq and see if you can write another email to us, here, that the U.S. should not get involved. Oh wait, ordinary peole can't you computers there. And don't complain or you be shot. Good Luck.
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