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I think this could be a very good thread. I know a lot of people have their OWN opinions on how they feel about A) The President B) Bin Laden C) Saddam and D) The war in a whole.. However we all must remember to respect one anothers thoughts. Lets not turn this into a flame war or start bickering with one another over individual thoughts, you never know, that same person that you are arguing with on the forums might just end up beside you in the line of fire. Anything is possible right now, the world is a not so stable place. Look at todays happenings for instance, first we have The Shuttle, 7 lives lost.. We also had an Avalanche today in Canada with another 6 lives lost. It seems like everytime you sit down to watch the news something else has happened. Personally, i am not for the war, but the thousands of Americans and Canadians who sign up for the Army every year are and to them i take my hat off.. They truley are couragious people. So basically all i wanted to say was lets all show eachother a little respect in this thread and not let it get out of hand, we will all be in this together when and if it goes down..

Matt K
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