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Have a little respect. its not crying. its debating. its thinking differently. Leaders of a nation do not always do what is best for a nation, that is displayed well thrughout history. they do what they believe is best for themselves and the nation. the people do not elect the president the electoral college does.the people, the common voter, try to get the elector to cast their vote according to the popular vote. A member of the electoral college may vote however they wish wheather or not it is the desire of the majority of the people. thats an on going debate in the US. many people want direct democracy and an end to the electoral college system. Yes i believe world peace is only a dream for the facts that one you have to have the opposite of everything to have said thing. love/hate etc. and also i believe at heart humans are a malicious race , however are evolved enough to control this. You say do what is for the good of the american people but the debate is wheather or not this is the best thing for the american people. some say yes, some say no. Its an impossible question to answer as everyone does have an opinion and no one person or governing body can truthfully claim that they are entirely correct. they would be claiming to be infallible then. nothing is infallible. once again in my opinion.
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