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i got myself into this once already. I'm just going to say that no i don't agree with this war.I don't believe it is solely motivated by the factthat Iraq has biological and nuclear weapons. And i don't agree with a lot of what Bush is saying and that we need more proof of what he is saying. Even Tony Blair, prime minister of England, said that more proof of what Bush is saying is needed for any type of atack and Blair wants UN support as wel. i still wish all of the luck in the world to the men and women who may or may not fight and die in it. I just feel that it is not solely our right to do what we are doing. we are one of if not the super power, but it doesn't mean we have to use that to get what we want when we want it. I've been doing so much thinking. We are as most others are in our minds a moral country. we want freedom and democracy for the people in other countries, we want them to be rid of an oppressive government,is that so wrong? no. but is it our job to give them that? History has shown that people find ways, people revolt and Iraq , if the people want it, will be changed. I just think that the United States does not need to do this for the Iraqi people. It would be different if we were asked for aid by these people.I also believe it says something when France,Germany,Russia , Japan and whoever else are all against this.i ddn't fuly express my idea here. I think I tried to be less offensive here now than in past posts.
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