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OKay .. i know i'm gonna get hazed for this.. but i was taught to speak what i belive.

I investigated this situation one night. Everybody try to remember what happened after 9/11. we all went after bin laden. Well .. then we forgot about him ... why? .. why didn't we finish the job?? .. well as this is goin gon Saddam let the weapons inspectors in and cooperated... the german (leader of the UN weapon inspection) i forget his name... said he is cooperating perfectly... ALL OF A SUDDEN "we have to go kill iraq" .. THEN saddam stopped cooperating.. he did NOTHING to instigate this attack .. IMHO he is a bad person .. but he didn't do **** to make us get into this war!! .. We are pissing off a lot of people!! I'm looking for the page tonight cause i lost it and i'm going to scan it to show you.. but there is a section in the Times where a reporter said "Why Iraq?" and this was George Bush's quote.... and i memorized this quote... "because he tried to kill my daddy." He is a ******.. Tony Blair is a ******... DAMNIT EVERYBODY IS A ******!!

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