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I am by no means an expert...but for my baby Common Boa I gently hold him behind the head and use a tooth pick to gently put between his lips. Once it's between his lips he'll open his mouth. Just move the tooth pick too the back of the mouth to keep it open all the way. Be very careful when taking out the toothpick because it could get caught on teeth on the way out. Try pulling it out the side of the mouth if possible. Make sure you are sitting down and resting it's body weight on your lap so it isn't dangling from the head. Oh and make sure the toothpick is fairly smooth so it isn't going to give him a sliver (ouch).

This is just what I've done (a friend showed me how when mine had to be force fed after I got it). I wouldn't recommend a toothpick on an older or larger snake where the toothpick isn't at least twice the length of how wide the head is. In that case you'll need to find something else. Be careful of teeth! =)


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