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I never had respect for george.. and i don't recall saying the israeli did it.. in fact i think i said i think he did NOT doit.. and i don't recall saying a surface to air missle took it out... for that matter.. i don't even recall giving ideas on HOW it was taking out.. all i was saying was i don't think it was an accident. There are a lot of people at Nasa.. and it's not so hard to get a job there.. i worked with a guy who is now working for nasa and has access to the shuttle. Contrary to what many belive.. it isn't hard at all to get a job in which you have access to any shuttle at nearly any time.and JeromeRules, i was only 2 back when the challenger blew up .. but for some reason i remember it clearly.. i was sitting in my living room right before school with my friend jesse (my mom carpooled us to school) and i saw it blow up .. my mom said the whole week i was saying "man fix it?" and i DO remember that there wasn't many people thinking the russians did it. maybe a few but that wasn't that all around thought... now i just turne don the news at 5, and even they said "many people are wondering if this explosion was planned and on purpose" they are investigating it (which they would do anyway) I may be wrong.. but to me this is too big of a coincidence.


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