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Pointless WAR!!

I am just wondering how many people feel the way I do on this forum. I am totally against this war on Iraq. It is not the right way to go. Why fight to achieve peace? Why Kill to achieve peace? is it even possible??? NO it's not. Ex. After WW2 was over . Did the Jews Go to Germany and slaughter millions of innocent Germans to get revenge? No they did not. So why is it right for George Bush to go to afghanistan and bomb and kill many innocent afghans? It's not fair. I am not saying that sep. 11 was not that bad. It was a terrible incident and should never have happened but still when you look at the jews we can compare numbers. Innocent people Slaughtered MILLIONS. Sept. 11 a couple thousand. And yet because a couple thousand people are killed the USA is going overseas and getting revenge. In my opinion the USA would look stronger and alot better to the rest of the world if they had stood there ground and offered peace to the afghans and apologised for past problems. Not GO OVER AND BOB THE HELL OUT OF THEM. I heard a quote the other day and it really hit me. it said "You Can Bomb The World Into Pieces...... But You Can't Bomb The World Into Peace." I think this is soooo true. You cannot achieve Peace with war. And You might say so what then should we do? I really don't know but Believe me I am trying to think of things. ANd I think Everybody should. Once you have a great opinion then VOICE it. People need to hear. I've written soo much now that I've confused myslef and I don't even know where I am at. To all you americans out there. I am not insulting you. Your country is great and I had just come back from living there for 3 months and I love (because I lived in Hawaii) But yeah. Americans are great people.all Races and cultures in this world are great people. I am just trying to get people to realize this. But I can't really do it alone. For all you canadians that agree with me. Please be a voice for our country. Join the peace rallies that have been going on. I think there is another one on Feb 15. and they are all across Canada. Sorry if this post was a little confusing. My Mind is all over the place and I have about 8000 ideas all over the place. But yeah. Thanks Alot for reading I hoped this message has changed you even a little.
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