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yea i mean it does sound far fetched that it was attacked.. but.. first time an israeli was in space... .. he was with americans and a girl of middle eastern descent...what are the chances the shuttle would go .. last one was 17 years ago .... This all happened during times of talk of a world war 3... (does anybody realise how many countries are involved here?? it seems canada and the swiss are the only ones not yelling and screaming!!!)....
The shuttle was an american shuttle... it was checked and re checked and checked again... since the Challenger NASA does not want to take any chances.... I saw that shuttle take off (i'm about an hour from cape canaveral and u can see take offs perfectly.. my mom was with me and i said "that shuttle is going down" and she said "shut up what are the chances" .. now this.. i'm telling you something not cool happened...

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