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I wrote it
I started looking for a BCI several months ago and the more I researched the more I started to sway towards adopting. It was amazing to me how many large boids were out there in rescue. With very few exceptions, they were all Burms, Retics, and BCI's. I started checking all of the rescue facilities in my region, looking at and other resources and started to get really upset. It was amazing how many of these snakes, and many reptiles in general, get neglected because people dont realize what is entailed in properly caring for a reptile. I was asked to moderate some forums on a new site that is going to be opened up the the public in the next couple of weeks and I decided to write and post it on the new site. In hopes that a few potential snake owners may be swayed from jumping into something that they will regret a couple of years down the road. When I completed the article I decided to post it at all of the sites that I frequent hoping that more potential newbies will read it.
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